Typofille, just another pseudonym!

Typofille, Ontherockz, Roxanne, call me whatever you like.

In 2001 I first set foot in a graphic design high school in Haarlem. Immediately I fell in love with the first Heidelberg and the first Macintosh computer I ever saw.
I didn’t have to wander around the school for longer than 5 minutes to know that this was the place for me. After I finished high school I knew I wanted to further develop my skills as a graphic designer. I had always been interested in visualizing and retail design so I decided to continue my education at Nimeto in Utrecht. 4 long years of slaving away behind the computer and workbench. When I graduated I had collected enough knowledge and skills to go work fulltime as a graphic designer. For 2 years I worked in Den Haag, Amsterdam and Haarlem. By that time working out ideas and concepts of other people became a bit boring for me so I went to the Junior Academie in Amsterdam to get my degree in Art Direction.

In March 2010 I started my own business, called Ontherockz Concept & Creatie. I specialize in corporate identity and advertising and I’m obsessed with typography.

In 2010, today, I start this blog. Why? I have no idea. Not a day goes by that I don’t stumble across something on the internet that amazes me, repulses me but most of all inspires me. This blog is a place where I can organize these fragmented pieces of inspiration, spill my guts on random ideas and most of all organize my thoughts.