All I wanted for christmas…

… was my new iPad! My dad won an iPad at work. Not for being the greatest dad ever (which he actually is) but for a good logistic plan he wrote. He decided to give it to me as a christmas present. I really love it and a whole new world of apps and inspiration is opening up for me.

I especially love the app flipboard. They call themselves a personalized social magazine but it feels like so much more than that. It offers me my daily content based on my social media (facebook, twitter enz.) contacts, interests and activities.

It knows what you care about because it knows who your friends are. I was a bit skeptical at first since very view of my facebook friends are good friends in real life and i’m not assuming we have a lot of interests in common. But flipboard is the first app that really amazes me. It offers me the greatest and most inspirational articles on design and typography. I think this app will really help me step up my blog game.

About typofille

I'm a graphic designer, art director and allround design enthusiast. I'm also the owner of Ontherockz Concept & Creatie, provider of marketing based creativity and wodka red bull lover.
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