“The Internet is the world’s largest library.  It’s just that all the books are on the floor.” – John Allen Paulos –

The internet changed our lives and continues to change our live on a daily basis. The are a lot of people who love the impact that the internet has made on our daily lives and a lot of people hate it. They think it individualizes and isolates us too much and anti-socializes people. Yet the internet has produced some amazing tools that a lot of people use to makes their live easier, better or simply more fun!

Two tools that has made my professional life easier and better:


Founder Nalden is probably the king of the butch blogosphere. He was the first who started making money by an original way of selling advertising space on his website. No flashing banners or ugly pop-ups but beautiful customized backgrounds. In 2010 he founded wetransfer, the better, faster and better looking younger brother of yousendit. It works perfect everytime. And the biggest advantage: you don’t have to sign up or download a programme.


I absolutely hate stock photography! Why, you ask? Because everybody can see in a split second what’s stock and what’s not. Because all of the pictures are clean, and life just isn’t. Because none of the pictures are creative, no original composition, no sparkling colours, none whatsoever. Compfight is a search engine which searches the huge collection of Flickr photo’s to match your keywords. You always find pictures that match your keyword in a creative way.


Backgrounds, tutorials, photographs, textures, fonts, everything you might ever need is collected here. Besides a great place for inspiration bittbox provides great tips and tricks on designing and graphic art.

About typofille

I'm a graphic designer, art director and allround design enthusiast. I'm also the owner of Ontherockz Concept & Creatie, provider of marketing based creativity and wodka red bull lover.
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1 Response to Tools

  1. lozzilla says:

    Cool! Compfight <3, didn't know about it yet.

    If you're interested in the way the internet is changing our lives for the 'better' (or worse, depending on how you look at it), check out the internet of things (IOF)!

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